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Which types of wood is used to make cricket bats? There are only 4 types of cricket bats present in world. English willow cricket bats are good due to performance effect while striking the ball. But these bats are damaged in very short of time, while durability of Kashmiri willow type bats is more.

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Different Types of Cricket Bats – 1. English Willow Bat. English willow is an only willow which is preferred by most of the cricketers in international... 2. Kashmir Willow Bat. Kashmir willow is mostly demanded wood in India, which is used for the production of cricket bats. 3. Softball Cricket ...

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4.1 Twenty20 bats. 5 Manufacturing. 5.1 Cricket bat industry of India. 5.1.1 Kashmir willow bats. 6 Modern alternatives to willow. 7 Giant bats. 8 See also. 9 References. 10 External links.

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Cricket bats can be made of different material and weigh very differently too. They are all manufactured from willow, as this is the most hard-wearing material for the job, but there are two main varieties of cricket bat willow to choose from, English Willow and Kashmir Willow.

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Although baseball bats have undergone a slow evolution over the past century, cricket bats have remained largely unchanged for 200 years. The flat, paddle-shaped blade is made of a single piece of willow -- preferably from trees grown in the English counites of Essex or Suffolk -- while the handle is made of cane.

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In India, Kashmir willow is the most sought-after wood for cricket bats. It can only be found in the Indian state of Kashmir. The appearance and quality of a Kashmir willow bat differ from that of an English willow bat.

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The bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a variety of white willow called cricket bat willow ( Salix alba var. caerulea), treated with raw (unboiled) linseed oil, which has a protective function. Cricket bat - Wikipedia. 780 views. ·.