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The powerplay is an evolution of various cricket rules on fielding restrictions that have changed over time. When one-day cricket was first played on the international stage in 1971, players struggled to adapt to the aggressive playing style required in limited-overs. But it was more of a challenge for the batsmen.

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A powerplay is the name for the fielding restrictions in limited overs cricket. Unlike Test cricket, the fielders are spread out to save runs in limited overs cricket. The powerplay rule (Restrictions on the placement of fielders), along with a number of other factors, has contributed to the big scores (300+) in modern One Day Internationals.

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Powerplay is a period of a specific set of overs of an ODI or a T20 innings which is governed by a rule that dictates the positions of the fielders. Different rules are applicable to different types of cricket matches. The rules for the powerplay have changed several times over the years.

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A Power Play Is A Feature Introduced Into One Day International (ODI) Cricket In 1991 Concerning Fielding Restrictions. It Is Intended For Excitement In Addition. When Power Play Is Activated, The Fielding Team Is Under Restrictions I.E. Only 2 Or 3 Players Are Allowed Outside The 30-Yard Circle (Which Depends Upon The Type Of Power Play).

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7 Answers. A Powerplay is a fielding restriction rule introduced into One Day International (ODI) cricket in 2005. It was created to prevent fielding teams packing the boundary with fielders and in an effort to make the middle overs of an innings more exciting.

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Answer (1 of 17): While replying to your question I’ve considered you as a beginner in cricket and hoping that my answer will justify your curiosity about the game.

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Share. In the T20 format, the power play signifies the first six overs of the batting teams’ innings. During these six overs, the fielding team is restricted to only having two players permitted outside of the 30-yard circle.

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Whilst the fielding restrictions still make it the easiest phase of the game to bat, the Hundred’s format appears to reduce the impact of the powerplay on the game in two ways. Firstly, there is the simple fact that it only makes up 25% of the innings, rather than the 30% seen in T20. Secondly, the 11 balls lost in The Hundred’s powerplays ...